How to Find Legit Solo Ad Vendors on UDIMI?

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Tired Of Getting Scammed when buying solo ads on UDIMI? Here is a checklist when it comes to finding legit solo ad vendors

  1. NEVER purchase traffic from anyone who messages you to buy from them.

80% percent of the scams out there occur because people just seem to readily buy from anyone that approaches them. And once they have made a purchase they simply deliver bot traffic or they do not even deliver a single click.

To prevent that, don’t even bother buying from them as a good solo ad vendor need not approach people due to their reputation and the results they deliver.

  1. NEVER purchase traffic that is priced between 10 cents per click to 35 cents per click.

Avoid these prices, High Quality Traffic usually cost above 50 cents a click simply because of the high engagement of the subscriber and their willingness to purchase an offer.

Low prices are usually SCAMS or bot traffic so avoid that. There is no such thing as free lunch, you can get bot traffic for pennies but bots don’t have the money to buy your products.

  1. Look out for vendors with SALES testimonials.

There are so many testimonials out there, but what differentiates between good and bad testimonials? Simple the one that generates SALES! Optins can be high but if they don’t generate sales there is no point in purchasing traffic. Always lookout for the percentage of sales of the vendors you are working with.

The only metric you should be concerned by at the end of the day is MONEY IN MONEY OUT!

That’s the name of the game, If you can get an 80% optin and no sales OR you can get a 20% opt-in rate and 1 sale. Which one would you choose? Isn’t it obvious?

  1. Good Vendors help you with your sales funnel.

Vendors who truly want you to profit from solo ads will take the effort to make sure you have a kick-ass sales funnel even to the extent of getting on a skype call with you.

NEVER work with vendors who just take your money and offer no advice on your sales funnel. Always remember you are forging long-term partnerships with them so choose wisely. Most times, if a vendor converts for you, you should have them in an excel sheet and get solos from them after every 20-30 days.

Why 20-30 days? Because most of the people who deliver good results will add at least a few thousand new subscribers to their list in that time frame so you’ll get some fresh eyes on your offers.

  1. World-Class Vendors who have tons of video testimonials with SALES.

IMPORTANT: If you can find someone who is endorsed by 6 to 7 figure marketers and you see video testimonials with sales on the vendor’s website, look no further! They are the BEST vendors around.

Vendors who typically has 10 to 20 video testimonials are the real deal. This shows that they have been in the industry for ages and they truly know the secrets to create a profitable sales funnel.

IF you managed to find vendors that fulfill ALL requirements, you’ll never go wrong. Hope this helps you.


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