Cold Email Template for Promoting Affiliate Product 

 November 29, 2020

By  Sid Red

HI My Name is ………………………….

I have a Social Media Marketing Agency where I assist businesses to build their brand and conversions with the click of a button and I want to present this opportunity to you that 20,000 other businesses are using to scale at a rapid rate.

The insane thing about this opportunity is you can try it for free and see the results for yourself. We all know how important social proof is and can be the difference between people buying or not buying a product or service. What we offer is the opportunity with one tool for others to see how good your product is by showing the recent activity, Live visitor counts, clicks on-page and sales you have made.

By doing all this our data from the 20,000 customers using this software have shown us that business sales and overall revenue have increased substantially.

All you need to d is click on this link here 👉(AD LINK)

Watch the free tutorial sign up for the FREE 14 Day Trial and watch your profits increase and thank me later.


Sid Red

Sid Red

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